As global demand for food rises along with our nutritional habits evolve to a healthier lifestyle, industries must adapt to new food processing methods.

Consumers and public health organizations worldwide become increasingly sensitive to the quality of the food and beverage products available, leading the food industry to reconsider and improve food manufacturing methods to elevate food production standards, quality, flavor, product consistency, and quantity standards. These demands are the challenges the food industry faces today, struggling to find appropriate solutions and answers.

TecSpec offers high-quality food production manufacturing solutions, while also applying best practices in industrialized bulk material handling and storage processes to ensure the highest level of hygiene and sanitization, as well as dust-free and safe operational conditions.

We provide state-of-the-art food processing powder and liquid plants that can cover the food production line from raw materials reception to the final stages of product bagging, packaging, palletizing and dispatch.

TecSpec operates in compliance with the latest HACCP regulations and ATEX directives, constantly setting the standards for high-end turnkey plants and food production installations in all types of food & beverage industrial sectors.

Dry Mix

In an ever-changing food industry with increasingly altering consumer demands, dry mix producers must be innovators and game changers now, more than ever.

Special mixes like baking and pastry, spices, instant drinks, cakes, coffee and flour have been shifting towards a premium product category rather than a commodity one. These are categorized as special ingredients with high nutrition value but on the other hand poor flow characteristics due to fat or oil content exceeding 50% and moisture usually close to 0.1% or either exceeding 35% which makes material storage and handling quite a challenge. With such diverse ingredients, recipes and mixes, along with hygiene and sanitary expectations, HACCP regulations and ATEX directives grow in order to reach the ones of a pharma industry, which result in an increase in production challenges further down the line.

Equipment in modular configuration focusing on easy and quick changeovers, easy cleaning, special surface treatment and polishing, speedy and quick disassembly elements, easy access but at the same time under Log Out Tag Out principle, special sealings and aspiration for dust free operation while keeping Safety, quality and performance criteria in the highest level.

Biscuits & Snacks

A great number of consumers nowadays, including we, have been replacing meals with multiple snacks. Over the last decade the consumption of snacks has risen greatly and in particular the consumption of nuts and seeds has doubled.

Traditional snack makers need to reevaluate their product portfolio adopting new flavors and shapes, making them more healthy with protein-rich ingredients all while trying to keep up to date with the ever changing trends that keep the cost of goods sold the same as before.

TecSpec maintains a high level of expertise in the specific field providing solution driven applications for demanding and emerging markets and manufacturers by applying the flexibility that is currently missing by keeping the same footprint as on the traditional productions site or even smaller. Modular designs, portable solutions and smart engineering are key ingredients in that while our make to order principle enables us to provide tailor made solutions suits best to individualized needs.

Storage silos free of degradation effect for corn meals and flour along with sugar and conveying solutions which are suitable for minimum grain damage allows the gentle and smooth handling of your core materials but also for your pellets, corn seeds and micro-pellets products for your state of the art extrusion line.

Micro ingredient stations for flavors and accuracy sensitive powders or granules with premixes are put into place as an option, yet liquids such as palm oil and fats provide a comprehensive turnkey approach to your snack production needs.

Animal Feed

The health awareness for growing livestock is boosting animal food production towards values that have never been seen before. Increasing demand for fish and fish-based produce is also consequently soaring in demand.

All animal, pet and aqua feed business is highly divided by global industry players trying to compete with regional producers more than before. Regardless if your production is regional or whether it belongs within a global business, TecSpec has the effective and suitable solutions in place in order to fulfill individual needs within any type of scale.

Beginning with the conceptual design to the installation, start up and go live with assistance on a turnkey basis. Silos of up to 200m³, big bag unloaders and bag dumping station, mechanical or pneumatic conveying, mixing and feeding properly your production lines are just a few of the equipment supplies that we can provide for you. We know that micro ingredients handling especially when it comes to premixes is of a great importance for your batch and your final product consistency and quality. TecSpec provides micro dosing stations divided in groups based on the required accuracy while also adapting a very special handling design process for even the most sticky and non-flowing powders, always protecting your brand reputation in terms of both efficiency and quality.

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